During the life of a software project, there comes the time to create a package with a stable version of that project: this may involve several actions, such as clean the code, commit and/or tag, change the software version, upload the generated package to a repository.
Maven has a plugin to manage the whole procedure: maven-release-plugin.
Indeed this plugin is quite discussed and alternatives exist, but for my basic need I prefer this”native” choice.
In this post, I will focus on the environment and project setups needed by this plugin.



Sia benvenuta la scoperta del plugin di Maven per la gestione delle versioni: ha un sacco di comandi, ma in questo articolo mi limito a scrivermi un promemoria per un caso particolare. (altro…)

This is a very quick tutorial about how to manage the project license with Maven.

Tested with Maven 3.3. (altro…)

If you are interested in the latest features of MyBatis Generator and are tired to wait for the release of next version (the current version is 1.3.2, published July 2012), you can use the last snapshot. Here’s how with Maven 3. (altro…)