Working with Liferay, I stumbled in a strange (for me) problem: in the login modal dialog, the “forgot password” URL il linked to a page with only the form tag (without head, body, header, footer, and so on).

This is how I solved, in Liferay 6.2.

The problem is also described in this post.

I already had a project with a “custom-jsp-dir” hook.

I copied a deployed jsp from “<TOMCAT>\webapps\ROOT\html\portlet\login\navigation\forgot_password.jsp” to “<custom-jsp-dir>/html/portlet/login/navigation/forgot_password.jsp”, and modified this way, adding windowState attribute to the renderURL tag:

<portlet:renderURL var="forgotPasswordURL" windowState="maximized">
  <portlet:param name="struts_action" value="/login/forgot_password" />

With the modified parameter, the URL sends to the same forgot password page, but with complete html.