gennaio 2016

This article describes how I managed command line parameters in a standalone Java application powered by Spring 4.
Tested with Spring 4.x, JOptSimple 4.8. (altro…)

This is a brief note about ${…} placeholder resolution in Spring.
Tested with Spring 4.0 ~ 4.2. (altro…)

Sia benvenuta la scoperta del plugin di Maven per la gestione delle versioni: ha un sacco di comandi, ma in questo articolo mi limito a scrivermi un promemoria per un caso particolare. (altro…)

A little article to show (and remind myself) how I modified Eclipse’s preferences about Javadoc comments.



Nice improvements: pgAdmin III now shows the query time in human readeable format!2016-01-22-162617.png

This is a very quick tutorial about how to manage the project license with Maven.

Tested with Maven 3.3. (altro…)