FindBugs MenuFindBugs is a tool that I always add to an Eclipse installation: it remains quiet until it’s been asked to analyze some Java project of the workspace.
Whenever it finds some kind of bugs, even potential ones, it tells the user how to fix the error and how to avoid repeating it in the future.
The plugin’s behaviour is quite simple: the “find bugs” command (present in the contextual menu too) make the FindBugs Explorerplugin to search and mark the source code rows that are erroneous or tricky. A view presents the list of found bugs, sorted by category and danger level; another view could show detailed information on a choosen bug.
FindBugs InfoThe plugin’s homepage has the Update Site for the installation in the running instance of Eclipse. For me, the process has never failed, even if the very simple web page gives me little confidence every time. Currently I’m finding my bugs on Spring Tool Suite 3.6 (based on Eclipse Luna). FindBugs requires Java version 7, starting from version 3.
I would like to write few good words about the FindBugs Blog, made of interesting posts about bugged real code, taken even from the JDK itself. Too bad that the author has so little free time to write: I understand but I’m looking forward for new articles.